About us

We are your partner for a safe and stress-free travel experience. Our offers and services are tailored specifically to your needs.
When you contact us, you are not talking to an anonymous call centre, but to the members of your personal service team. Our staff know you and your wishes, your travel destinations, your travel policies and billing arrangements.

Our offer

  • Personal advice
  • Individual flight planning
  • Permanent availability (24/7 via emergency number)
  • Efficient booking processing
  • Cost transparency
  • Fast, uncomplicated processing of rebooking or cancellation

Our history

Scan Travel Services was founded in 1987 by Dagfinn Lillemo.
In the 1970s, Norway had one of the largest merchant fleets in the world.
As head of the Seamen Travel department at SAS, Dagfinn Lillemo was responsible for getting seamen to their destination and back home in the fastest way possible.
Unlike in modern times, flying was a very expensive affair back then.
So how could flying be made more attractive for shipping companies and seafarers?
By blocking certain quotas at a special price with SAS, seafarers could now travel with seaman’s tickets. Dagfinn Lillemo is therefore considered the founder of the seaman’s tickets and thus set a milestone in Marine Travelling.

Since January 2015, the company has been run by a private group of investors.
We have set ourselves the goal of continuously developing the business model in order to remain fit for the future and to always offer our customers the best service.

Our customers

Since Scan Travel Services GmbH was founded in 1987, we have continuously expanded our client base. Today we are proud to serve a wide range of international companies from a variety of industries:

  • Shipping
    (shipping companies, suppliers, private yacht owners, sailing groups etc.)
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Safety & Security
  • Hotel industry
  • Aviation